ebony greeN 

Finance & Operations

Ebony's passion is maximizing strategic outcomes by applying cross-competencies to support people who can create the most value in the world.

Ebony Green is a people-centered and systems-focused organizational and strategic project manager with decades of experience planning, scheduling, implementing, executing, and evaluating strategic leaders' visions.  As Founder & Owner of PLHB Consulting, she serves as Management, Executive, and Strategic Coach for PLHB clients.  Raised in Boston and educated at Boston Latin School - and most recently - Boston University, Ebony is an energetic, compassionate, aware, and focused entrepreneur, coach, and mentor.

Prior to her current entrepreneurship, Ebony worked for decades in roles providing Finance/Operations and Project/Program Management support and leadership.  She has an impressive track record of realizing intentions and visions by partnering strategies with trusted planning, implementation, and execution.  Known as the "Visionary Leaders Dream," she inspires with her gifts by effortlessly serving to champion goals and objectives towards excellence in outcomes.

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