Corentus = Cor (Heart) + Eventus (Results)



At Corentus, we serve professionals who know successful leadership requires a focus both on heart (internal harmony) and on results (performance outcomes). Neither can flourish without the other.

Through our integrated consulting and coaching practices, we empower individuals, teams, and organizations to unlock their potential and transform their results. 



Coaching Teams for Sustained Performance - Nov. 30 - Dec. 2

Over the past 15 years, Alexander Caillet and Chris Wahl have taught team coaching to more than 1,300 individuals worldwide. This winter, they'll host the 10th cohort of their intensive 3-day program, Coaching Teams for Sustained Performance. LEARN MORE...



Consulting, Facilitation, Coaching,
and Professional Development for:

True leadership develops from the inside out. We use research-based best practices to help individuals improve their leadership presence, resilience, and other core capacities.

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People achieve more in high-functioning teams than they ever could achieve on their own. We have unmatched expertise developing teams in real time, through real work, for real, sustainable results.

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An organization's culture, strategy, and structures affect the performance of every individual and every team. Our deep understanding of those areas enables us to fully support system wide transformational change.

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