Our Team @ Corentus

Corentus team members are seasoned professionals with solid track records of helping clients delivering real results. We bring a wealth of experience from working in a wide variety of organizational environments—from government agencies, NGOs, and nonprofits to multinational Fortune 500 corporations.

All of us at Corentus wear multiple hats, as consultants, trainers, facilitators, executive coaches, and team coaches. Our professionals can shift seamlessly between these modalities to meet our clients’ diverse and evolving needs. Most importantly, we all share a passion for working at the intersection of heart (internal harmony) and results (performance outcomes). We are dedicated to helping our clients thrive and excel at every level, from the individual to the team to the organization as a whole.


The vast majority of the work with our clients is in-person, in their offices. Therefore the majority of our staff travels extensively around the world. We also serve many of our clients locally in our major hubs and additional hubs. 

Corentus Major Hubs: Boston, MA and Washington DC
Additional Corentus Hubs:  Midwest, Southwest, West Coast and Europe