Corentus Certificate Programs
— an overview

Team development work takes many different forms, and each person's path to this work is unique. At Corentus, we serve a diverse network of professionals interested in team effectiveness from team leaders to team practitioners.  The team practitioners we serve include experienced facilitators, trainers, and consultants adding team development to their repertoire; experienced one-on-one coaches starting to work with teams; and experienced team coaches seeking to deepen and refine their skills. We provide a diverse range of professional education and development options to help team practitioners expand their capabilities and achieve their professional goals.

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Corentus Team Coaching Certificate Program

The Corentus Team Coaching Certificate Program is our flagship educational offering, teaching the focused application of more than 25 years of organizational theory, research, and practice. We welcome a strong group of professionals passionate about team development and team coaching. We look forward to an intense journey with all of you. 

• 2019/2020 Program is filled.
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Corentus Team Development Certificate Program
for internal practitioners


The Corentus Internal Practitioner Team Development Program is specifically focused to equip internal team development practitioners with the tools, methods, and skills to support the development of high performing teams within their organization. The Corentus team leading this program has vast experience working inside organizations in Human Resources, Talent Management, and Team Leadership roles in the Federal Government, Non-Profit, and Private Sectors. We’ve seen what works and how internal practitioners can apply these tools and methods to more effectively partner with the organization and support team development to achieve greater business results.

• We are no longer accepting applications — Congratulations to an amazing cohort

  • I’m still in awe at what transpired during these last few days. Thank you for your immense giving spirit.
    — Alberto Navarro - Corentus Team Coaching Certificate Program, Cohort 3 and Corentus 3-Day Course: Transforming Team Performance, Cohort 8
  • What an amazing workshop! Thank you so much for the workshop, the materials, the stories, and putting your whole self into this.
    — Lori Heffelfinger - Certificate Course: Transforming Team Performance, Cohort 8
  • full of wisdom, extraordinary tools, and powerful energy. Your own long work with teams is unparalleled by anyone in our field, and your enthusiasm for it and experience with it is inspirational.
    — Kirsten Olson - Certificate Course: Transforming Team Performance, Cohort 5
  • The tools you provided us wildly surpassed any expectation. They are amazing and will be so helpful. Thank you so much for all this incredible knowledge and ideas of how to move forward. Truly incredible.
    — Ellen Fulton - Certificate Course: Transforming Team Performance, Cohort 1