The Corentus Team Development Certificate Program

Our Team Development Program for Internal Practitioners is specifically focused to equip internal team development practitioners with the tools, methods, and skills to support the development of high performing teams within their organization.  With a focus on the Corentus Team Frameworks, participants will learn how to support teams increasing their effectiveness using the modalities of teaching, facilitating, consulting, and team coaching. 

Through a combination of individualized development and feedback, in-person training, virtual synchronous and asynchronous learning, and real-life application with practice teams, participants will gain a deep toolset of practical, easy to understand and apply tools that they can use in their support of teams and groups at work.  Sample topic areas include: Decision Making, Meeting Effectiveness, Mutual Accountability, Roles and Responsibilities, Team Lifecycle, Team Operating Modes, Team Communication Behaviors, State of Mind, Dealing with Conflict, and many more.


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The Corentus team leading this program has vast experience working inside organizations in Human Resources, Talent Management, and Team Leadership roles in the Federal Government, Non-Profit, and Private Sectors.  We’ve seen what works and how internal practitioners can apply these tools and methods to more effectively partner with the organization and support team development to achieve greater business results.

The key to sustainability within an organization is having internal practitioners who can support, guide, and reinforce the implementation of high performance team behaviors throughout the system. Our most effective client engagements happen when we have a strong internal partner working to embed our tools and practices throughout the system. Let us help you be a change agent for team high performance in your organization!

If you are interested in applying to the Certificate Program, keep reading!
Below you will find:

  • PROGRAM DETAILS: Logistics and time commitments; pre-work, in-person, and intercession activities; faculty support; and fees

  • REGISTRATION PROCESS: timeline; instructions; and links to complete your online registration and payment, and schedule a follow-up call

To support your learning, you’ll receive access to a substantial repository of tools, reference materials, and other resources. These resources will remain available to you after graduation to support your ongoing work.

We look forward to getting to know you better.   
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to
contact us. 

Working with teams is no small task. Intensive preparation and hands-on training are critical to be successful in this discipline. The following is a brief overview of what participants can expect after they've been formally accepted into the program.

Preparation & Prework

Before the formal program begins you will receive the following (approx. 40 hours of time):

  • Pre-work materials (via Google Drive)

  • A one-on-one phone session with a faculty member to further explore your purpose and goals in attending the program and to identify your strengths and development needs.

  • Additional guidance and support, as needed, to help prepare you for successful engagement in each aspect of the program.

Accepting Applications Now

Formal Program includes Virtual Engagement and In-Person Sessions

In-Person Learning Sessions near Newark, NJ

April 9-11, 2019
June 11-13, 2019
September 10-12, 2019
November 11-13, 2019

If interested,
click here to schedule a call at your earliest convenience
as we will be closing this cohort soon

Please note: full participation in all in-person sessions is required
to complete the program and receive a certificate.

Activities During In-Person Sessions
In-person activities include:

  • Workshops in Methods and Skill Development
    Throughout the in-person sessions you will learn methodologies, techniques, and tools from faculty and other thought leaders and specialists in team development and team coaching.

  • Practice and Application You'll also have ample opportunities to put this new knowledge into practice, in a safe and encouraging environment, to develop and deepen your skills before trying them out on your internal clients.

Between In-Person Sessions
Time commitment 5-7 hrs/wk
Between the in-person sessions, you'll engage in the following activities:

  • Self-Study
    From time-to-time, you will receive additional materials to engage in self study. You may wish to dedicate additional self-study time depending on your experience and educational background in certain competency areas.

  • Lunch and Learns
    A 60-minute lunch and learn webinar takes place every two weeks. All calls will be recorded so that if you must miss a call, you may listen to the recording at a later time.

  • Faculty Support
    One-on-one calls for faculty support will be scheduled at mutually convenient times. You will receive ongoing feedback, coaching, and guidance from your Feedback Coach, our C4 (Corentus Cohort Customer Care) specialist, and other faculty members.

  • Application in your Organization
    We will support you in engaging with internal clients using the tools and methodologies you are learning between our in-person sessions. We will assist you every step of the way—supporting you in contracting, data gathering, sensing/observation, and team development application.


Program Investment:

  • 1 participant from an organization = $22,500

  • 2 participants from the same organization = $18,500/participant (total of $37,000)

  • 3 or more participants from the same organization = $16,000/participant

  • This fee includes:
    - All interactions with faculty and staff throughout the program
    - Licence to use Corentus tools within your organization and your work with teams
    - Complete facilitation guides and license to train select Corentus tools - Light breakfast and lunch during in person sessions
    - Active alumni program with refresher sessions, material updates, faculty and peer open calls

  • This fee does not include:
    - Transportation to and from in-person sessions
    - Accommodations in the Newark, NJ area during in-person sessions

  • Return on Investment

    Within 2 months of the start of the Team Development Certificate Program, participants will be ready to add new tools to their work in support of higher team performance within their organization. External consultants charge at least $4,000/day to do this same work. Having an internal practitioner who can deploy the same tools using the same methodology in support of higher efficiency and effectiveness in teams can show a quick return on investment.

By applying to this program, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to our Cancellations, Refunds, & Returns Policy, our general Terms of Service, and our Privacy Policy.

In addition, by applying to this program you give us permission to videotape, audiotape and take still photos of you during this program. These materials will be used for your own training, training of others and for promotional purposes.  No confidential organization specific content will be recorded.


  • Program Enrollment
    Enrollment in the Corentus Team Development Certificate Program is completed by submitting the Enrollment form and making payment arrangements.

    Reminder: feel free to schedule a call with us to discuss any aspect of our program, any questions you may have regarding the application progress, the competencies and/or the value our program may offer to at this point in your career. Click here for an easy way to schedule our call.

  • Deadline
    We will be closing this cohort soon so if you are interested schedule a call with us at your earliest convenience. Once this cohort is filled we will announce it on this page — it will be no later than March 15, 2019.

There are three steps to the application process:

1. Fill out the Enrollment Form  
Please allow one hour to complete the enrollment form. We recommend reading this pdf version of the application prior to filling out the online form. We also recommend typing your answers to some of the questions that need lengthier answers first and then copy and paste into the form.

When you are ready, please complete the online Corentus Team Development Certificate Enrollment Form. Note: This application is designed to ensure that all participants have the necessary foundation to succeed in our program.  

2. Make arrangements to pay your program fee
Here is a link to submit your application fee. Please view the Application Fee section above for more details. 

3. Schedule a Call (if you have not done so already)
After you submit your enrollment form, click here to schedule a call with us at your convenience.