Unleashing collective potential through shared awareness, knowledge, skill, and accountability

Corentus is a recognized global leader in team coaching and team development. Our work with hundreds of teams over more than 25 years has spanned every stage of the team life cycle—from initial formation and launch to team restructuring and transformation. With deep skill and expertise, coupled with an extensive team toolkit, our team development professionals can help teams effectively tackle a wide range of challenges.

    Time and attention devoted up-front to forming and launching a team can greatly increase that team’s potential for efficiency, effectiveness, and overall success.

    For new teams, reconfigurable teams, or just-in-time teaming environment. This program may also be utilized with existing teams wishing to clarify, change, or update one or more aspects of their original team charter.

    Components may include any or all of the following:
    Common Purpose, Team Scope, Shared Goals, Work Products & Responsibility Charting, Team Membership & Roles, Corentus i4 Team Forming™, Meeting Cadence, Norms and Team Charter
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    Following an assessment to clarify the team’s priorities and developmental needs, a customized engagement, co-designed with the team, can bring about significant, lasting improvements in team functioning. Depending on the team’s goals and existing knowledge and skills, the engagement may integrate a number of different modalities—including consultation, facilitation, training, team coaching, and one-on-one coaching. In any engagement, a coaching-centered approach helps to ensure long-term, sustainable impact.

    At Corentus, we integrate a coaching mindset into all the following areas of expertise we bring to your team:

    • Team Coaching
      Corentus is known globally as being the leader in this specific method of engaging a team. Our specific style of team coaching is what our clients truly appreciate. In their words,

      “Corentus Team Coaching is the most effective method we’ve ever seen to get our team really working together. It’s fast that lasts!”

      Corentus Team Coaching is done in real time — coaching a team when they are meeting together doing real work. Our highly trained professionals, with a certificate in Corentus Team Coaching, ensure that the concepts, tools, skills, and intentions developed through other modalities get translated into ongoing changes in behaviors, interactions, and results.

      Only when teams are able to notice what they’re doing, while they’re doing it, can they make conscious, deliberate, and consistent shifts in a positive direction. As a pioneer and global leader in this powerful form of team intervention, we hold a high standard for team coaching expertise and skill.

    • Consultation
      Our consultative work is inquiry-driven. While we’re happy to offer advisory support based on our decades of experience working with teams, we recognize that every team context and organizational culture is unique. It takes active, collaborative exploration to determine what is in the best interests of the team and the larger organization. Any work we do must be in service of the team’s goals and priorities, not an abstract ideal of what makes a high-functioning team.

    • Facilitation
      Skilled facilitation of a method, process, or tool can help a team drive to successful immediate outcomes, but does not always translate into lasting team awareness, skill, or behavior change. With extensive experience as both facilitators and coaches, we frequently engage in “facilicoaching.” This hybrid methodology integrates results-focused facilitation with in-the-moment reflection and inquiry—promoting not just short-term effectiveness, but also real-time learning and commitment to new ways of working.

    • Training
      Once a team has identified a pressing need for a specific skill or tool, brief just-in-time training—applied immediately to real work and reinforced through coaching—can lead to efficient, effective adoption of new methods and behaviors. With our comprehensive suite of team tools (in areas ranging from team role clarification, decision making, meeting management, and accountability to collective state of mind and stress and resilience), we can effectively address virtually any team training need. Many teams also benefit from a clearer overall understanding of teams—including what sets them apart from other types of groups, how they evolve over time, and what elements of functioning are essential for success. We introduce this knowledge through our team frameworks. Team training may be conducted either in-person or virtually (via live webinar, e-learning, or integrated delivery through client learning systems).

    • One-on-One Coaching
      In all engagements that include team coaching—as well as many that do not—one-on-one team leader coaching is critical to success. Coaching helps to increase effectiveness in the team leader role and supports the leader in developing and sustaining new behaviors, modeling positive change for the team. Many teams also benefit from individual team member coaching, to support their development in service of the team.
      Go here for our specific set of services focused on Team Leader & Member

    A powerful team workshop that provides an increase in teaming skills by applying a suite of real team methods and tools to the creation and delivery of real work products. A highly collaborative work space where all the participants gather in one large room and, through a series of training, teamwork, and feedback sessions,work in teams to produce real work products while simultaneously practicing and learning team methods, practices and tools.

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Our clients appreciate the specificity and time-savings that assessments bring to the table. Assessments quickly help the team clarify its strengths, challenges, and priorities for change.

Depending on the team’s goals, assessment measures may include, among others:

Corentus Assessments:

  • The Corentus Team Diagnostic™

  • Intact Team Observation

  • Team Performance Surveys

  • 360 Assessments

Additional Specialized Team Assessments:

  • Team Management Profile (by TMS)

  • Group Development Questionnaire (GDQ)

For short descriptions
of these assessments,
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