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Team Leader
Toolbox Series

To be effective in today's complex and fast-paced, team-oriented working environments, leaders need a variety of tools in their toolbox. The Corentus tools are laser-focused to assist leaders in improving performance and achieving results.  

Register for live, 90-minute online workshops to build up your team leader toolbox.  

TEAM EFFECTIVENESS  (full descriptions below)

THE HEART AND MIND OF TEAMING (full descriptions below)

Team Effectiveness

Decision Making, Meeting Mastery and Accountability,

  • Decision Making
    Effective decision making is a make-or-break capability for teams and for the organizations they inhabit. For many teams, difficulty with making decisions is the number one barrier to achieving results—or even to becoming a real team in the first place. Research shows that effective decision making requires advance planning; high-functioning teams take time to consciously decide and think through their approach to making decisions. This tool prepares participants to apply a set of decision-making techniques that have been used successfully with many different types of teams.
  • Meeting Mastery
    Think about all the hours you and your team spend in meetings each week. Are you making the most of everyone's valuable time? This session will provide you with a suite of practical, easy-to-implement techniques and methods for structuring and running team meetings to maximize accountability, effectiveness, efficiency, and follow-through.
  • Accountability
    Accountability is a cornerstone of effective teamwork. Accountable team members generate trust and respect, drive performance, and produce results. The key to success is establishing a process that ensures that clear, focused commitments can be made and kept within the team—and if not kept, dealt with in a constructive, productive manner. This tool trains participants in a powerful framework that incorporates every step of the accountability process, from initial action generation to execution and follow-up.

The Heart and Mind of Teaming

State of Mind & Thinking Path and Stress & Resilience

  • State of Mind & Thinking Path
    Managing a team’s patterns of thinking and feeling is serious business. Research has demonstrated strong links between state of mind and the capacity to engage in flexible thinking, effective problem solving, and collaborative teamwork. Organizational climate is directly tied to bottom-line results, including business growth and profits. This tool builds upon the latest theory and research on understanding and shifting state of mind, with a particular focus on the impact of team leaders. You will walk away with a variety of practical strategies you can implement on your own as well as with your teams. full of wisdom, extraordinary tools, and powerful energy. Your own long work with teams is unparalleled by anyone in our field, and your enthusiasm for it and experience with it is inspirational.
— Kirsten Olson, Consultant and Coach
  • Stress & Resilience
    The ability to effectively manage stress has a profound impact on our effectiveness as leaders, as well as on our own well-being. Resilience in the face of stress translates to better, more sustainable performance for both individuals and teams. This session provides scientifically grounded strategies to reduce the negative effects of stress—on you and on all those who depend on you.
“Having gone through the Corentus workshop on Stress & Resilience, I had a solid grasp of the language, tools and techniques I needed to lead my overworked and frustrated team through a critical change process.”  
— Jennifer Budd, Senior Organizational Development Manager, Babcock & Wilcox