chris wahl 

Corentus Advisor, Team Coach and Consultant 

Chris works with leaders and team to to tap into their greatness -- going beyond the numbers, beyond personal mastery, into the very essence of their aspirations and capacity.

Chris Wahl is a seasoned leader and ICF-certified master coach, she is recognized as a pioneer and thought leader in the field of coaching -- coaching leaders and their teams, and training coaches to work with leaders and their teams.

In her practice, Chris works with leaders, executives, and teams who care about an integrated, resilient, positive, and inspiring approach to their own greatness. Greatness in this sense can also be thought of as wholeheartedness and an ability to be present to oneself, to learn one’s own blind spots, and to bring attention to the places that matter in the day-to-day as well as the long-term vision of a leader’s work. Results, yes.  In a big, great, holistic way.

Chris has years of experience coaching executives and senior level leaders in multiple industries, including the financial sector, IT, health care, luxury retail, beauty, and federal and local government. Sought after for her kind, wise, and results-oriented approach, Chris has enjoyed a thriving coaching and consulting practice for 25 years.

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