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Team Tools

Individuals who possess knowledge, skills, methods and techniques in effective teaming can provide immense value for the teams they are members in and for their organization as a whole.

A quick, simple and straight-forward way to obtain the knowledge, skills, methods and techniques necessary to increase team effectiveness is though what we call: Team Tools. Team tools are specific tools to use during specific times while teaming. Similar to tool you may use every day, a screwdriver to tighten or loosen a screw, a hammer to drive in a nail or take one out, team tools are specific tools to use to achieve a specific goal. And, the more tools one has in their toolbox the more opportunities one has to fix, build and strengthen the projects they work on.

Effective team leaders and team members bring to their teams a variety of team tools. At Corentus we support leaders and team members by giving them more tools to add to their team toolbox. Below are just a few Corentus team tools used most often by our clients. If you would like to add these tools to your individual team toolbox or to share these tools with an entire team or organization, just ask.

Team Frameworks

Frameworks are tools — simple structures underlying team concepts. We work from a foundation of three complementary team frameworks:

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  • The Team Wheel
    A six-stage model detailing how teams’ mindsets, relationship and capabilities develop and change over time. (see below for specific team tools within the Corentus Team Wheel)

  • Team Life Cycle
    A detailed road map for assessing a team (capturing its unique profile of strength and challenges) and for helping it move forward pinpointing the specific changes most likely to help the team grow, develop and transform. (see below for specific team tools within the Team Life Cycle)

  • Team Operating Modes
    Exploration of the five different ways leadership and accountability can be distributed within a team.

Together, these provide the basis for a wide range of practical tools grounded in theory and research.

Team Tools within the Team Wheel

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For every focus area of the Team Wheel, we offer a set of practical tools—easy-to-implement frameworks and practices designed to improve team performance in that domain. Many of these tools can be combined to obtain a solid understanding of a complete focus area such as Common Purpose & Performance Goals, Roles & Competencies, Mutual Accountability and Collaboration.

Team Tools within the
Team Life Cycle

Of all the stages in the Team Life Cycle, teams tend to need the greatest support in Stage 1: Form & Connect, Stage 2: Storm & Clarify, and Stage 5: Dorm & Drift. Our team tools guide participants to address the unique challenges at each of these stages.

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