kimberley lewis parsons 


Corentus Team Coach and Consultant

Kimberley has a passion to help people live fully in their greatness.

Kimberley believes that great teams are at the root of business results and great leaders use the power of their leadership to fuel, not frustrate the effectiveness of teams. With over eighteen years of experience serving in Fortune 500 and not-for-profit companies, she’s had the opportunity to elevate the effectiveness of teams and the leaders that serve them through team and leader coaching, facilitation, training, learning design, consulting, and change leadership.

With over ten years as an IT professional—from delivering code, leading projects, agile coaching, and leading people—Kimberley was immersed in a world that depended on team interactions and savvy leadership. She often found herself leading transformation projects that disrupted the way people worked; like, the adoption of agile—a team-based project delivery methodology that empowers people to collaborate and make decisions together quickly and effectively.

Then, Kimberley’s career was disrupted after participating in a nine-month leadership coaching program for emerging women leaders in Tech. She started the program with the goal of becoming a better leader in technology and came out with a desire to make “great people”—not “great code”—her ultimate deliverable. She obtained her Leadership Coaching Certification from Georgetown University and shifted her career to Human Resources.

Over the past eight years, Kimberley has helped develop talent as a trainer, facilitator, coach, and learning strategist. She’s been the steward of organizational culture through the courses she facilitated; an asset in developing future leaders through the emerging leader programs she’s developed and coached in; and a pioneer in corporate learning through the creation of Tech College, which was designed to re-skill the workforce in strategic technical areas.

Kimberley has a Certificate in Team Coaching from Corentus, a premier team performance company, and is enhancing the team effectiveness work she does with this methodology. Other certificates and educational path:


  • Team Coaching | Corentus

  • Leadership Coaching | Georgetown University

  • Team Coaching and Human Dynamics | Georgetown University

  • The Leadership Circle | Personalisys


  • MS, Information Systems | Virginia Commonwealth University

  • BBA, Computer Information Systems | Georgia Southern University

  • BBA, Business Management | Georgia Southern University

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