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Corentus Consultant, Leadership and Team Coach

Kathleen’s purpose is to create space where people can discover new possibilities in themselves and others, to reach their highest goals.

Kathleen has been coaching executives, leaders and teams for over twenty years across an extensive range of industries, including finance, telecommunications, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and education. Her continuous commitment is to partner with clients in support of their goals, guided by deeply held principles of confidentiality, trust, purposeful challenge and mutual respect.

Throughout her career, Kathleen has focused specifically on developing services that foster leadership talent and accelerate team performance. Clients describe her as a catalyst who helps them find clarity, confidence and new ways forward, even in the midst of uncertainty or challenging times.

In addition to individual and team coaching, Kathleen offers strategic facilitation, consultation and interactive training programs related to leadership, communication and conflict resolution skills. Every service is tailored to the needs of her clients, designed in the context of their business, values and culture.

Kathleen resides in a small community just outside of Toronto, Ontario. She is energized by her family and friends, especially her husband and 3 children, who are sources of inspiration, learning and fun. Grateful for good health, Kathleen has now her shifted her passion for marathon running to hiking and yoga. An active volunteer in the fight against cancer, Kathleen appreciates travel, music and mindfulness.

Professional Highlights

  • 20+ years of experience coaching, consulting and facilitating development of leaders and teams across North America

  • Design and delivery of leadership training courses across Canada

  • Internal executive, responsible for national change management programs

  • Master Certified Coach (ICF), seasoned mentor for coach practitioners

  • Faculty- Corentus Team Coaching Certification Program

Sample Set of Clients

  • C-Suite and Senior Leadership Teams in private and public sector

  • Wide range of Fortune 500 companies within financial, pharmaceutical, retail and manufacturing industries

  • Multiple Government Ministries, including Education, Environment, Finance and Social Services

  • Various Crown Corporations

  • Numerous Universities, Colleges and public school systems

  • Extensive group of non-profit and start-up organizations

Education, Training and Certificates/Certifications

  • Certificate in Corentus Team Coaching

  • Certified Executive Coach, Royal Roads University

  • Conflict and Mediation, University of Toronto

  • Honours Degree in Social Work, Western University

Assessment Tools (sample)

  • Team Diagnostic Instrument

  • Strength Deployment Inventory

  • Hogan Assessments

  • Multi-Rater and Narrative 360 Feedback

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