Enhancing individual effectiveness through leadership of self and others

At Corentus, we offer a range of services and targeted resources designed to support team leaders and team members.

Focusing on an individual’s role as a team leader, or team member, we provide laser-focused consulting, coaching, and training. We also provide a valuable complement to more generalized professional development efforts leaders typically engage in.

Clients may choose to pursue development in the context of the entire team and/or select among the individual options outlined below.

  • Corentus Team Leader Diagnostic™

    Prior to initiating team leader or member coaching, it’s helpful to gather data on the individual’s specific strengths, challenges, and fit with the team’s needs—addressing issues such as leadership style, communication patterns, organizational savvy, team facilitation and meeting management skills, self-management and self-regulation capacity, and approaches to decision making, problem solving, accountability, and conflict resolution. Assessment measures may include, among others:

    • Interviews
      Our customizable team leader interview protocol can be administered to team members and/or additional organizational stakeholders either by phone or in person.

    • Surveys
      Interview data may also be supplemented by online questionnaires to efficiently survey a wider population.

    • Observation

      Direct observation of one or more team meetings—either in person or via recording—enables the coach to gather first-hand data on the leader’s interactions with the team. This assessment option can provide invaluable insights, while requiring no additional investment of the team’s time.

  • One-on-One Team Leader Coaching (and/or Consultation)

    Distinct from traditional executive coaching, team leader coaching focuses specifically on an individual’s effectiveness in the team leader role. As with any coaching engagement, the goals of coaching are set by the client and vary depending on the context—including the needs of the organization, internal and external challenges faced by the team, and priorities of the leader.

    Potential areas of focus include, among many others: clarifying roles, responsibilities, and authority levels within the team; adapting leadership styles to the team’s developmental stage; facilitating effective team communication; fostering mutual accountability; cultivating psychological safety; and managing relationships (both within the team and between the team and other areas of the organization). As appropriate, coaching may be complemented by advisory support and/or training in relevant team tools and team frameworks.

  • Individual Skills Training

    There are times when—independent of coaching—team leaders or team members realize they would benefit by building skill in particular team frameworks or team tools. We offer training on these topics both one-on-one and in a small or large group context, either in-person or virtually (via live webinar, e-learning, or integrated delivery through client learning systems).

Nancy Nachbar  Founder and Executive Coach, Nachbar & Associates

Nancy Nachbar
Founder and Executive Coach, Nachbar & Associates

I appreciate the rigor that Corentus brings to coaching and training for team effectiveness. This showed up throughout the one-on-one coaching as well as the Corentus Team Tools Workshops — practical and easy to apply team tools and techniques to help all the individuals in a team: leader and members.

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Corentus offers more than 50 workshops to skill-up team leaders and team members. Offered individually, in teams, departments, divisions or across an entire organization, the Corentus Team Tools Workshops are known around the world as effective and engaging.

Learning these critical areas of effective teaming come in many forms from small team/group workshops to enterprise-wide programs. We also deliver these workshops in-person, live virtually or asynchronously through our elearning platform.

Here are the top Corentus Team Tools titles our clients have chosen in the past several years.

The Corentus Team Frameworks

  • Corentus Team Wheel

  • Team Operating Modes

  • Team Life Cycle Tools

    • Form & Connect (i4)

    • Storm & Clarify

    • Dorm & Drift

    • Common Purpose

  • Performance Goals

  • Roles & Competencies

  • Producing Work Products,
    An Effective Methodology

  • Team Leadership

  • Mutual Accountability

  • Accountability Framework

  • Trust

  • Ownership & Commitment

Effective Collaboration

  • Effective Meetings

  • Decision Making

  • State of Mind

  • Groupthink

Effective Communication

  • Effective Listening

  • Speech Acts

  • Effective Inquiry

  • “I” Statements

  • Sociogramming

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