Catalyzing enterprise-wide shifts that increase capacity, performance, and engagement at all levels, from individual to organization.

For clients seeking organization-wide transformation, we offer an integrated suite of services that develop individual teams, team leaders, and team members, while also increasing internal organizational knowledge, processes, and infrastructure needed to foster effective teaming on an ongoing basis.

  • Senior Leadership Team Coaching
    For effective teaming to take hold throughout an organization, it must be modeled and championed by senior leadership. Team coaching provides a targeted, efficient approach to enable sustainable team improvement. Other key leadership teams may also choose to engage with a team coach to accelerate their development.

  • Team Leader Development
    Effective team leadership requires specific knowledge, skills, and tools beyond those typically included in leadership training. Acquiring these, through focused experiential training and practice, greatly increases the likelihood of success in the team leader role. Executive-level workshops and enterprise-wide workshops/large-scale training programs (virtual or in-person).

  • Internal Capability Building for Internal Practitioners
    True sustainability of a team high performance culture depends on building internal development capacities. Internal practitioners gain the knowledge and skills to intervene successfully with teams using team assessment, training, facilitation, and coaching. Corentus certificate programs in team development and team coaching along with customized internal practitioner training programs.

  • Team Member Development
    In addition to experiencing new behaviors and methods from the senior leadership team and individual team leaders, team members benefit from direct instruction in the tools and processes of effective teaming (available in person and/or virtually, on demand).

  • Infrastructure Alignment and Focus
    When implementing any significant behavior change organization-wide, it is essential to have HR, compensation, and recognition policies and procedures that align with and reinforce the new behaviors. In addition, we have found it significantly more effective to use a phased approach to ensure shared understanding and adoption. Engage with Corentus consultants with years of experience in change management, culture change, OD, legal, talent/recruitment, operations, etc.

  • Large-Scale Presentations and Workshops

    New practices and ways of working can take a firmer hold within an organization when people throughout the organization or system share a common language, knowledge base, and practical skills. To this end, we offer engaging, interactive workshops and presentations on our team frameworks and team tools to groups large and small either in-person or virtually (via live webinar, e-learning, or integrated delivery through client learning systems.

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Corentus offers more than 50 workshops to skill-up team leaders and team members. Offered individually, in teams, departments, divisions or across an entire organization, the Corentus Team Tools Workshops are known around the world as effective and engaging.

Learning these critical areas of effective teaming come in many forms from small team/group workshops to enterprise-wide programs. We also deliver these workshops in-person, live virtually or asynchronously through our elearning platform.

Here are the top Corentus Team Tools titles our clients have chosen in the past several years.

The Corentus Team Frameworks

  • Corentus Team Wheel

  • Team Operating Modes

  • Team Life Cycle Tools

    • Form & Connect (i4)

    • Storm & Clarify

    • Dorm & Drift

    • Common Purpose

  • Performance Goals

  • Roles & Competencies

  • Producing Work Products,
    An Effective Methodology

  • Team Leadership

  • Mutual Accountability

  • Accountability Framework

  • Trust

  • Ownership & Commitment

Effective Collaboration

  • Effective Meetings

  • Decision Making

  • State of Mind

  • Groupthink

Effective Communication

  • Effective Listening

  • Speech Acts

  • Effective Inquiry

  • “I” Statements

  • Sociogramming

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