Assessments brings specificity and they save time


Our clients appreciate the specificity and time-savings that assessments bring to the table. Assessments quickly help the team clarify its strengths, challenges, and priorities for change.

Depending on the team’s goals, assessment measures may include, among others:

  • The Corentus Team Diagnostic™
    Our comprehensive team interview protocol—utilizing the three Corentus Team Frameworks: the Team Wheel, Team Life Cycle, and Team Operating Modes—can be fully customized to client needs. Components of the Corentus Team Diagnostic may be completed online.

  • Intact Team Observation
    While assessments administered to team members can provide a great deal of valuable information, there is no substitute for real-time, in-person observation to collect data on team patterns of behavior and interaction. Ideally, teams are observed in the context of real work, during regularly scheduled team meetings.

  • Team Performance Surveys
    Online surveys, completed by team members and/or external stakeholders, may be administered as an alternative to in addition to other diagnostic team instruments.

  • 360 Assessments
    Team assessments may be complemented by individualized 360 assessments of the team leader and/or team members.

Some of our client teams also benefit from additional specialized team assessments. Two of our favorites, which a number of Corentus colleagues are certified to deliver, are the Team Management Profile and Group Development Questionnaire:

  • Team Management Profile
    This instrument identifies each team member’s preferences among crucial team tasks—from innovating and promoting to producing and inspecting. Teams develop a shared understanding of their collective strengths and potential gaps across these measures.

  • Group Development Questionnaire (GDQ)
    Developed by group development researcher Susan Wheelan, the GDQ accurately and reliably assesses a team’s stage across the team life cycle.

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