Corentus = Cor (Heart) + Eventus (Results)

At Corentus, we work with organizations to optimize their performance by transforming their teams.
Our research and experience demonstrate that transforming teams requires a simultaneous focus
on the Heart (the human dimension) and on Results (the performance dimension).
Neither can flourish without the other.
Through our integrated consulting, coaching, and development practices, 
we empower teams and the individuals who lead them to unlock their potential and drive lasting results.



Take advantage of our
25 years of experience
with hundreds of client teams
across a wide variety of fields. 
We work with clients
 in designing an engagement
perfectly tailored to the needs of the team
as well as the organization.

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Our 9-month program
prepares professionals serious about
providing team development
and team coaching engagements
to their internal or external clients.  
Congratulations to the new
2018-2019 Cohort

* training program for HR Professionals serious about team development.
Starting January 2019.
Inquire today as places are filling quickly.

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Stay tuned as we are launching
an online learning program
created by people
who have been perfecting
the art of teaming
for over 25 years.

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The Corentus Team Coaching Certificate Program

for practitioners serious about
being a team coach professionally

Cohort 3 has started for the 2018-2019 program. We are honored and thrilled to be engaging a full cohort of top professionals.

In January 2019 we will start taking applications for the next team coaching certificate program. The Corentus approach to team coaching is working with teams—in real time, in the context of real work. As you can imagine this is both art and a science. During this course we dive into both. The next cohort of our program will engage in a new format for Corentus (hint: it may not be a 9-month program). We will announce the details no later than November 1, 2018.

  • I’m still in awe at what transpired during these last few days. Thank you for your immense giving spirit.
    — Alberto Navarro -
    3-Day Course: Transforming Team Performance, Cohort 8
    9-Month Program: Team Coaching Certificate Program, Cohort 3
  • full of wisdom, extraordinary tools, and powerful energy. Your own long work with teams is unparalleled by anyone in our field, and your enthusiasm for it and experience with it is inspirational.
    — Kirsten Olson - Certificate Course: Transforming Team Performance, Cohort 5
  • The tools you provided us wildly surpassed any expectation. They are amazing and will be so helpful. Thank you so much for all this incredible knowledge and ideas of how to move forward. Truly incredible.
    — Ellen Fulton - Certificate Course: Transforming Team Performance, Cohort 1
  • What an amazing workshop! Thank you so much for the workshop, the materials, the stories, and putting your whole self into this.
    — Lori Heffelfinger - Certificate Course: Transforming Team Performance, Cohort 8